The Rushaga.Nshongi Orphanage Farm

The orphanage farm in Uganda was formed in 2010 in Bwindi - about 45km from Kisoro town - by Mfitumukiza Francis through the community leader in response lo the plight of the many children in Nshongi community that are orphaned by AIDS and other terminal diseases. Many children were left with no financial assistance for education and other basic needs.

Mfitumukiza Francis
Mfitumukiza Francis

In the heart of every child there is hunger for home. Not just for food and a place lo sleep, but for safety and community.

Most importantly for love. At the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, we are much more than a home for unwanted Rushaga orphans, we are a family, where God's love guides us all as we grow and expand year after year.

Francis began to encourage and up lift the children through traditional songs, dance and drama and craft making.

By 2011 the orphanage farm had housed 25 children all of whom are either single or double orphans.

The project is run by the community people whose vision is to empower the orphans and Batwa (pygmies) for their sustainability through education support, health care, career guidance and counseling.

Energetic singing and dancing show
Vegetable garden piggery
Potatoes growing
Crafts selling

The kids from the farm perform an energetic singing and dancing show, practice vegetable gardening, piggery, potatoes growing and they sell crafts to visitors to the Nshongi area.

Bank coordinates for donations

For a Donation in Euro:
IBAN CODE : DE05 5007 0010 0958 0267 00

For a Donation in US Dollars or British Pounds:
IBAN Code $: GB61 NWBK 6000 0406 0976 50
IBAN Code £: GB61 NWBK 6000 0404 5940 29

Bank: Centenary Rural Development Bank, LTD
Beneficiary: Rushaga.Nshongi Orphanage Farm

Please note:
When you make a transaction please do not forget to mention full beneficiary name, account number and branch name, in order to to enable us to direct the money to the Rushaga.Nshongi Orphanage Farm.

Please always specify what your donation should be used for and give us your e-mail address, in order to receive updates.

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