Great News! Our own crafts shop and... Busingye!!!

Dear friends and supporters! We are very proud to announce that we are one, or better two important steps closer to our goals.

We now have opened our own crafts shop! At this shop visitors can buy artworks and gadgets made by the children of our community. By purchasing our works you support the children and the community.

And the second big news is Busingye!!! Our own pig! It's a lady and the name Busingye means "Peace for all of us". Everybody is very happy about Busingye and the children already love her!

Our Mission

Striving towards the fair opportunity of the orphans and Batwa (Pygmies) of Rushaga Nshongi area

Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission

Our goals

  • To develop moral and spiritual values
  • To promote unity between the community orphans and the Batwa (Pygmies)
  • To develop the talents of the orphans and Batwa through handcraft making
  • To educate the children about the importance of conservation
  • To promote and emphasise education through financial support
  • To eradicate poverty
  • To improve on the diet and health through vegetables growing in order to prevent diseases due to malnutrition

Future plans

  • Building a house for the orphans
  • Support in school and tertiary education
  • Building curio house for the orphans
  • Realizing project like potato growing, piggery, and poultry keeping
Our goals and future plans
Our goals and future plans
Our goals and future plans
Our goals and future plans

Bank coordinates for donations

For a Donation in Euro:
IBAN CODE : DE05 5007 0010 0958 0267 00

For a Donation in US Dollars or British Pounds:
IBAN Code $: GB61 NWBK 6000 0406 0976 50
IBAN Code £: GB61 NWBK 6000 0404 5940 29

Bank: Centenary Rural Development Bank, LTD
Beneficiary: Rushaga.Nshongi Orphanage Farm

Please note:
When you make a transaction please do not forget to mention full beneficiary name, account number and branch name, in order to to enable us to direct the money to the Rushaga.Nshongi Orphanage Farm.

Please always specify what your donation should be used for and give us your e-mail address, in order to receive updates.

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